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Passengers at Brighton station in front of Thameslink train

Global eco programme awards Go-Ahead UK’s joint-highest transport score for carbon cutting

  • Carbon Disclosure Project gives Go-Ahead new, high score in global league table for progress on sustainability and environmental measures 
  • Carbon emissions across the bus and train operator are down by 22 per cent per vehicle mile over the past two years.
  • Go-Ahead also becomes the latest company awarded the London Stock Exchange’s new ‘Green Economy’ Accreditation.
Passengers at Brighton station in front of Thameslink train

Go-Ahead Buses and Trains Get WiFi Friendly

  • Go-Ahead’s provision of onboard WiFi has been certified for safety and family-friendly content
  • The Wifi Friendly scheme was launched by David Cameron, in partnership with The UK Council for Child Internet Safety
  • Free WiFi is available onboard Go-Ahead buses and trains across the country
Former prison van driver Dobbet Donaldson

Go-Ahead sets record goal to hire 1,200 apprentices in 2020

  • The Go-Ahead Group will expand apprentice recruitment by 20 per cent for 2020
  •  Go-Ahead met its target of recruiting 1,000 apprentices in 2019
  • The expansion is bucking the wider national trend of falling apprenticeship starts
Oxford Bus Company bus, August 2021

1,000,000 customer journeys tap the opportunity to pay contactless

  • Over 1 million Tap On, Tap Off transactions completed – 70,000 per week and rising
  • 34,400 passengers experienced savings as a result of fare caps
  • Tap-on, tap-off contactless used to pay for 29.2% of on-bus payments
  • Less than 10% of passengers on Brighton & Hove buses are now paying with cash
Southampton's Air Filtering Bus

Go-Ahead to deploy air filtering buses across the UK

Our air filtering buses are set to hit the streets in six more regions across England. We are deploying an air filtering bus in Brighton, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Plymouth and Crawley/Gatwick, as part of our commitment to run the greenest fleet of buses in the UK. They will enter into service in summer 2020 to demonstrate that buses are part of the solution to tackling poor air quality.

We initially trialed the air-filtering bus on a Bluestar bus in Southampton. Initial tests indicated that just one bus could remove 65g of pollutants from the air in 100 days – equivalent to the weight of a tennis ball. The single-decker bus has an air filtering system on the roof, which is made up of three fans that suck ultra-fine particles and dirt (known as PM10) as it travels on the streets.

In addition to rolling out the air filtering bus into six more regions, we will be introducing five more air-cleaning vehicles in Southampton in early February. This will cover the whole route in the city centre.

Health problems associated with outdoor air pollution are linked to 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide, and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs estimates that regular exposure to particulate air pollution can reduce life expectancy by six months on average.

Go Ahead

Go-Ahead appoints rising stars to lead Women in Bus network

  • One of youngest depot managers in Go-Ahead’s history has been named chair of industry-first Women in Bus network
  • The vice-chair of the network is the reigning Miss Sussex 2019
  • Go-Ahead has set a company-wide target to increase female representation in bus from 11% to 20% by 2025
Go Ahead

Ten start-ups announced for Billion Journey Project 2020

  • Ten start-ups and SMEs have been selected for Go-Ahead Group innovation drive
  • Project aims to uncover innovators who will play a role in the future of the transport sector
  • The process will conclude with a “demo showcase” in March 2020
Go-Ahead Nordic train in Norway - Sortorget

Go-Ahead launches landmark Norway rail service

  • Inaugural Go-Ahead Nordic train left Stavanger for Oslo on 15 December
  • Eight-year contract makes Norway the fifth overseas territory in Go-Ahead’s business
  • The first rail contract to be awarded in Norway since market liberalised
Regional bus story

Go-Ahead buses keep communities connected this Christmas

  • Go-Ahead will keep families and friends connected over Christmas with a comprehensive festive bus timetable.
  • Vital services will continue throughout festive break, with buses travelling to key sites including Heathrow, Gatwick and local hospitals across the UK
  • The Isle of Wight’s Southern Vectis will run buses on five routes on Christmas Day
Passengers at Brighton station in front of Thameslink train

Trading statement for the period from 30 June 2019 to 27 November 2019

The Go-Ahead Group plc today announces its trading update for the period from 30 June 2019 to 27 November 2019.

Teenage passenger on Go East Anglia Hedingham bus in Essex

Go-Ahead adds life-saving defibrillators to Plymouth bus fleet

  • UK-first pilot scheme sees defibrillators fitted to Plymouth commuter services
  • Ground-breaking partnership with Hearts Together will train drivers and provide instructions for passengers
  •  Defibrillators raise cardiac arrest survival rates from 6% to 74%
Taken at Go-Ahead London's Camberwell garage in January 2020

You’re Hired! - Go-Ahead hits apprentice goal for 2019

  • Go-Ahead reaches target of 1,000 apprentices in 2019 two months early
  • Go Ahead is the only public transport operator that delivers apprenticeships in bus and rail in-house
  • One in three apprentices in London are 40 or older