Go-Ahead Group unveils App-based bus fare discovery feature 1

Go-Ahead Group unveils App-based bus fare discovery feature

Go-Ahead Group, in partnership with its digital technology provider, Passenger, has introduced real-time bus fare information within its mobile apps for bus companies. This feature will help to make the apps into convenient hubs for ticket purchases and travel planning, enhancing the overall customer experience.

For the first time, passengers can see at a glance their journey's cost before boarding. Initially launched at Go-Ahead’s Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus, the feature will soon be integrated by Go-Ahead's regional UK bus operators, extending its benefits to a wider audience nationwide.

A third of people seek information about bus fares before starting their journey, according to research by Transport Focus. This update directly addresses this demand by providing customers with details on tickets purchasable onboard from the driver or via mobile tickets accessible through smartphones. Mobile ticketing, known for its convenience, allows instant ticket acquisition for immediate travel.

Kanwar Brar, Chief Digital and Information Officer for Go-Ahead said: “This feature emphasises our commitment to enhance our customers’ journeys. We think it will get more people travelling by bus. After years of streamlining our data accessibility, it's good to see our efforts pay off, especially for prospective customers. It is hugely positive that this feature uses the Bus Open Data fares feeds, demonstrating their accuracy and further alignment with the Department for Transport's data strategy. We're committed to working with our partners to promote bus travel further.”

This project marks the inaugural use of the NeTEx fares dataset, available through the national Bus Open Data Service (BODS). Initiated in response to the Bus Services Act of 2017, this service, managed by the Department for Transport (DfT), aims to simplify local bus service information, fostering innovation and enhancing passenger engagement.

Tom Quay, CEO of Passenger, praised Go-Ahead Group's commitment to leveraging technology to improve the customer experience. He remarked, "The integration of fare information into Go-Ahead's Passenger apps and operator websites is a significant achievement. We've seen firsthand the dedication Go-Ahead has invested in advancing the BODS initiative, and we're excited to deliver tangible benefits. This development has the potential to revolutionise the customer journey experience, making bus travel more accessible."

In the future, the app updates have the potential to incorporate more ticketing products, including time-based capped fares, as the Bus Open Data Service evolves, offering increased flexibility and convenience to passengers.

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