Brighton & Hove Buses industry first feature in collaboration with Google

Go-Ahead Group and Google launch industry-first feature to help customers keep track of spending on bus journeys

The Go-Ahead Group, a leading public transport operator, is teaming up with Google to introduce a new feature aimed at enhancing the customer experience for bus travel.

In collaboration with Google and Littlepay, Go-Ahead’s Brighton & Hove Buses is unveiling an industry-first initiative which will simplify the way passengers manage their mobile payments for bus journeys. The new feature, integrated with Google Wallet, will provide customers with greater visibility into their ride history and savings accrued through time-based fare caps.

Up to 80% of Go-Ahead’s passengers pay digitally when they board Go-Ahead’s regional buses – with an increasing number ‘tapping on’ and ‘tapping off’ when they make a journey with the benefit of flexible capping in many areas. Instead of cash, customers are adopting smart cards, contactless and apps to pay for their journeys.

The groundwork for this new scheme was developed between teams at Google and at Go-Ahead’s payment provider Littlepay. Key benefits of this new feature include:

  • Real-Time Savings Information: Passengers tapping to pay for a bus journey will now quickly see how much they've saved through time-based fare caps, providing a clear understanding of the economic benefits of public transportation.
  • Ride History at Your Fingertips: Google Wallet will display comprehensive ride histories for passengers, allowing them to effortlessly keep track of their bus journeys and savings.
  • Enhanced Security and Convenience: The collaboration with Littlepay ensures secure and convenient payment transactions, reinforcing Go-Ahead's commitment to delivering a frictionless travel experience.

The initial rollout of this feature is set to take place at Brighton & Hove Buses, serving as a pilot program to refine and optimise the functionality. Following this debut, Go-Ahead aims to expand the feature to more cities across the UK and beyond, offering passengers an unparalleled level of control and insight into their public transportation expenses.

Kanwar Brar, Go-Ahead’s Chief Digital and Information Officer said: "We are excited to join forces with Google to bring this groundbreaking feature to our passengers. This initiative reflects our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience and make public transportation more accessible and user-friendly. We believe this collaboration will set a new standard for the industry, reinforcing our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

Nick Hill, Commercial Director at Brighton & Hove Buses said: “Most of our passengers are already using digital or contactless payment methods, so it makes sense for us to trial new ways in which we can further enhance the customers’ journey. With 60 million passengers on our buses a year, the customer experience is a top priority”.

"Paying for transit using Google Pay is quick, easy and secure" said Jonathan Hill, Head of Transit Partnerships, Google Pay, "By teaming up with Littlepay and Brighton & Hove Buses we are enabling Google Wallet users to track their spending and progress towards daily, or weekly travel caps. We want to help people feel more in control of their spending and encourage use of sustainable transport"

Paul Griffin, Head of Commercial at Littlepay said: “Being able to communicate in real time with passengers as part of the pay-as-you-go experience is a huge leap forward. This project will benefit riders, giving them visibility of savings made through PAYG. It also gives operators a pathway to develop relationships with PAYG passengers and create a real sense of membership and valued loyalty. Littlepay is delighted to be first to market with Google on this important initiative.”

The Go-Ahead Group looks forward to pioneering this transformative solution, with the goal of making public transportation a more seamless and enjoyable experience for passengers.

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