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Go-Ahead Celebrates ‘Best Apprenticeship Programme’ in Transport

Go-Ahead proudly announces its outstanding achievement at the Apprenticeship Guide Awards, with accolades for its apprenticeship programme at Go-Ahead London.

Go-Ahead London, a leading bus operator in the capital, has been honoured as the recipient of the "Best Apprenticeship Programme in Transport" award at the Apprenticeship Guide Awards 2024, which was held on Friday 10th May in Manchester. This recognition underscores the company's unwavering commitment to nurturing talent, promoting career development, and fostering a culture of learning within the transport industry.

Furthermore, Go-Ahead London is celebrating the accomplishment of Koli Begum, a dedicated colleague who was a finalist for the "Mentor of the Year" at this year’s Apprenticeship Guide Awards. Koli's journey at Go-Ahead London began as a bus driver and her commitment to her professional growth has earned her this recognition. She is now an exceptional mentor at Go-Ahead London, dedicated to supporting apprentices, guiding, and empowering the next generation of transport professionals.

This news builds upon the Go-Ahead Women campaign, launched in March to increase the number of women bus drivers. We've set a target to recruit 1,500 women bus drivers, aiming for 50% gender equality by 2035. Through initiatives like these, Go-Ahead Group strives to create a workplace where everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities to succeed.

Over the year ahead, Go-Ahead London, plans to hire 500 apprentice bus drivers, most of whom will be on the road driving within six weeks of recruitment. Drivers are trained at Go-Ahead London’s Camberwell academy – the industry’s largest in-house apprenticeship centre. Since 2018, over 3000 colleagues have joined Go-Ahead’s bus driver apprenticeships scheme.

Carolyn Ferguson, Go-Ahead’s Chief People Officer said:  "We are proud to be recognised as the Best Apprenticeship Programme in Transport. At Go-Ahead, we believe in investing in our people and providing them with the tools, support, and opportunities they need to thrive in their careers."

The Apprenticeship Guide Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding apprenticeship programs and individuals who demonstrate exceptional mentorship across various industries. Go-Ahead London’s victory at the awards reflects the company's dedication to driving innovation, promoting inclusivity, and investing in the future of the transport sector.

For more information about Go-Ahead London and its award-winning apprenticeship program, please visit Trainee / Apprentice Bus Driver :: Go-Ahead London (

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